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If you need general dentistry at an affordable price, you will not find a better option than Diamond Dental Center. Come to our La Mirada, CA, location with a written estimate from any other dental office. We will do the same exact procedure for 10-20% less than that price. Would you like to save even more? Then come to our Tijuana, Mexico, office where we can cut the price by at least 50%. While we are glad to cut prices, we will never reduce the quality of our services. Licensed in two different countries, Dr. Alfredo Ayala has over 35 years of experience. He will help get your teeth in excellent shape.

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Diamond Dental Center offers first-rate services at great prices. If you need a root canal, braces or even surgery, we will get it done flawlessly. Quality general dentistry is a difficult thing to find, but you won’t have to look any farther than us. There are members of our staff who speak Spanish and English, ensuring that every patient is properly taken care of. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients and we hope to see you here for many years to come. Feel free to go to us whenever you need dental work. Whether you want a routine checkup or you have developed a more serious problem that needs to be addressed, you should contact us today.

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Emergency Service is Available

If you require immediate dental attention, just call our emergency phone number. We’ll set you up quickly and promptly, giving your teeth the help they need. We have dealt with countless dental issues over the years and we understand the severity of your situation. We will get you on the road to relief as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

A minor dental problem can turn into a major one before you know it. Any general discomfort you experience could be the sign of a cavity, or something worse. Without prompt attention, the problem will only continue to grow. Please contact us as soon as you realize something is wrong. The quicker you act, the easier a time we will have solving your issue. This may also help in reducing your final bill. If your problem is especially serious, do not hesitate to call our emergency line. We will give you an efficient, gentle procedure that will help your teeth get back to normal.